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Artificial Grass Lawns

California weather can be extremely challenging for those trying to maintain a healthy lawn. Wet conditions in the spring and fall combine with frequent snow in the winter leading to damp soil that produces muddy spots and less-than-ideal conditions for keeping a lawn green and vibrant. With artificial grass lawns from Cosmic, lawn care is nearly eliminated. Our synthetic grass products are designed to hold up well to wear-and-tear and maintain their attractive appearance for years with minimal maintenance.
In fact, synthetic turf as a lawn and pet application has become very prevalent in the backyards of california homes as maintenance is minimal while performance and appearance are exceptional and a long term value.
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Residential and Commercial Landscaping

Rainy and deep snow conditions that are often commonplace in California, cause wet and muddy areas that are both messy and dangerous. For this reason, more landscape architects in California have begun turning to Artificial Turf and Bonded Rubber products for landscaping projects. These synthetic turf products not only reduce ongoing maintenance costs, but they provide environmentally friendly and attractive solutions that are ideal the for the CA market.
Many daycares and preschools in the California are are finding Artificial Grass to be a very popular surfacing choice for these reasons, and for the sanitary aspects associated with an installation.
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Artificial Turf Athletic Fields

With numerous highly successful athletic teams in both the professional to collegiate ranks, California is rich with sports tradition. Sporting recreation is taken seriously in CA and athletic fields see heavy abuse. With soccer and lacrosse becoming extremely popular sports in the greater Boston area, the need for athletic turf that can withstand multiple sports’ seasons is essential and this the artificial athletic turf solutions, the best long term value choice for both indoor and outdoor solutions.
Typical athletic fields require constant maintenance and cannot be used on many days. Conversely, synthetic grass fields offer maintenance-free durability that last seasons after season. The outstanding performance of artificial turf is ideal for California area schools and athletic facilities all year long.

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    Backyard Putting Greens

    California homeowners looking to improve their golf games have taken advantage of Artificial Turf’s greens. Our experienced installation has worked with golfers throughout the world to design and install synthetic putting greens that bring the feel of a PGA Championship golf course to one’s backyard. With the appearance of a natural-grass putting surface, artificial turf offer the CA golfer the ability to have fabled country club greens such as Essex, Salem, or Kittansett in their own backyard.