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Our Mission

Cosmic Renovation & Roofing delivers durable, innovative contracting solutions that help to improve the quality of life of our Northern California neighbors. We believe that beauty and comfort can live in harmony with function and efficiency. Our featured products and services reflect that belief.

Our Company

Cosmic Renovation & Roofing is a locally-owned roofing and exterior contractor that serves residential customers throughout Northern California. Our technicians and project managers use industry-best practices to complete exterior renovation projects according to client needs and local building codes. We are licensed and insured to perform general contracting and roofing installation tasks legally and safely.

In addition to our technical competence, Cosmic Renovation & Roofing delivers innovative solutions for residential roofs, lawns, heating and cooling systems, and windows. Our products are carefully selected to deliver long-term cost savings, added comfort and genuine convenience. We are committed to providing our customers with lasting, value-added exterior renovations.

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Our Principles


Like many of our Northern California neighbors, we take environmental stewardship seriously. We can’t help it. Trips to the magnificent redwood forests or relaxing visits to the Napa Valley vineyards remind us of all the stunning resources that our region is so blessed to enjoy.

Cosmic Renovation & Roofing wants to help preserve those priceless resources for our pleasure and for the enjoyment of the next generation.

That’s why we offer products and services that focus on energy efficiency, conservation and sustainability. Our solar roofs are obvious examples of our commitment to green energy. Sunshine is abundant in California, so it just makes sense that we help our customers to capture that clean source of power.


We do much more, however, to forward the cause of clean energy consumption. We seek out suppliers that use green energy and clean manufacturing practices to produce their building materials. Everybody can rest easy if we all do a little to reduce pollution on the planet.

So Much More Than a Roofing Contractor

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