What Separates a Roof Installation from a Cosmic Roof Installation?

  • What Separates A Roof Installation From A Cosmic Roof Installation?

    Perhaps you’ve flipped through a catalogue, or laid sample swatches across your knee, trying to visualize what your new roof will look like. Maybe you’ve even been shown a 3D rendering of your new potential roof, but felt that it was somehow less than what you were hoping for or expecting. This is because many companies in this industry lack imagination. They aren’t there to inspire you, but to simply cover a surface. Luckily, Cosmic Renovation & Roofing does not believe that a roof is just a space to lay tile on. In fact, we think of the roof the way an architect imagines a new project: a brilliant new possibility for a stunning, lasting design.

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    Part of what distinguishes an ordinary roof installation from a Cosmic roof installation is our belief that a roof is so much more than just a way to keep out the rain. Our extensive experience with sun-based energy and solar panels installation, for example, enables us to create potential designs for our clients that not only embrace the numerous beautiful new materials in our industry, but also offer a clever integration of the latest energy saving technologies. We believe in creating dynamic, self-sustaining roofs that clearly identify the house as a tasteful yet bold residence.

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    We do this primarily by avoiding cookie-cutter designs and focusing instead on the fundamental context and aesthetic preferences of the neighborhood and the homeowners. Because solar energy has made so many impressive strides in the last few years, we are able to create truly inspiring designs that combine personal taste with the latest in cutting-edge technology. From roof repair to a brand new roof, we design custom options for each client, and work with them to make sure that they’re getting exactly what they want.

    Many companies will offer their customers a simple choice between the color of their tiles. We offer our clients the ability to create memorable and energy-efficient roofing. Solar energy is a particularly excellent addition to a home because it makes such excellent use of what is arguably one of the most abundant natural resources in the region: sunshine. We work with our clients to estimate how much power they expect they will be using in their home and then create a design which often keeps their energy usage at a net zero, and in some cases, actually enables them to build up a surplus of unused solar energy.

    The panels themselves can be arranged in a variety of ways, creating a distinctive and often beautiful roof. We also offer our clients several different kinds of packages. For those who are seeking a more straightforward roof repair, we can often not only structurally strengthen the affected areas but also improve their efficiency by adding solar equipment. Here at Cosmic Renovation & Roofing we believe that every roof is an opportunity for long-lasting beauty and satisfaction. By adding sustainable features to your roof, you transform what is often considered to be a simple act of maintenance into a farsighted and rewarding investment.

    What Separates A Roof Installation From A Cosmic Roof Installation?