The Many Benefits of Solar Panels

  • The Many Benefits Of Solar Panels

    The time has come for you to add a new roof to your home, which means it is time to celebrate. Thanks to this auspicious occasion, you now have the chance to distinguish your home both in terms of style and sustainability. Although solar panels have been mounted on residential homes for decades, in the last few years enormous improvements in the technology have greatly increased the amount of energy each panel produces. Solar panels installation isn’t just a nod towards responsible energy usage; they can significantly reduce your overall utility bills while greatly increasing your social standing in your neighborhood.

    Benefits of Solar Panels

    We here at Cosmic Renovation & Roofing have been keeping abreast not only on the exciting developments in solar panels, but also the corresponding methods of installation and the different materials that can be used to create a truly stunning roof. Consider the following scenario: a late 1980s ranch house, with a beautiful sunken living room and a shaker-style roof, is ready for a 21st century upgrade. The natural slope of the roof lends itself beautifully to solar panels installation above several of the bedrooms and even a side of the dining area.


    Fast and Simple

    Continuous Energy Supply

    Prevents Costly Future Repairs

    High Performance at a Great Cost

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    The original roof had several skylights, including one in the kitchen and one in the living room. These original skylights can be preserved and enhanced with our special array of roofing materials. We can replace the cloudy or weathered glass with special glazed glass, or help suggest coverings that provide different degrees of opacity throughout the day. We can also add different border tiles and elevate an existing skylight so that from the outside the roof becomes a delightful mix of panels and beautifully lit skylights.

    One of the unexpected delights for our customers of adding panels to their roof is how each panel changes the overall aesthetic makeup of the roof. Many homeowners become used to a certain standard style or a limited range of materials when it comes to their roof. By adding new technology to their home, the roof becomes a canvas for experimentation and personal expression. Instead of a staid series of tiles, the roof itself becomes a living thing, as much a statement of personal design sensibilities as a carefully curated garden or decorated interior space.

    Most importantly, an elegant installation job ultimately boosts the overall resale value of the home. In a sense, solar panels installation is not only a money saver but a money maker. Anyone who has bought property in Northern California knows that the real estate market can be competitive; buyers are prepared to spend a great deal of money, but they want a home that will not only meet their needs but exceed their expectations. By adding solar panels now, a homeowner can be reassured that any future sales will progress smoothly and profitably.

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